Julie brought Matt into the lifestyle one gorgeous August day, and he never looked back.  A great communicator, and exceptionally perceptive, Matt brings a unique, masculine, yet introspective value to the podcast.  A true Rhett Butler, part scoundrel, part hero; Matt will make you blush, and then beg for more!

Have a question for Matt? Or a topic you want him to talk about in a podcast? Reach out here:  Matt@american-poly.com


   Julie is a charismatic, redheaded powerhouse with a sweet smile; guaranteed to make you laugh, and then wonder where your heart went.  Engaging, and empathetic, Julie brings years of open polyamorous, swinging, and multi-partner relationship experience to the podcast discussions.  She might look like a sexy librarian, but she'll  make you wonder what's underneath!

Have a question for Julie?  Or a topic you want her to talk about in a podcast?  Reach out here: Julie@american-poly.com