Blog for Podcast #3 - Communication, Communication, Communication

Episode three is a biggie!  For Julie and Matt, communication is critically important in the ENM lifestyle.  Matt begins the podcast by asking Julie if it’s possible to over communicate?  Her answer is a resounding NO!  Matt points out how difficult it can be to share the things with each other that are uncomfortable; and how important is it to be open to each other and understanding.  We discuss the need for “safe space” inside relationships so that each person can feel like they are being heard and not judged.  This episode ties in a little with podcast two, as we overlap on the need for good listening skills.  We both worry about oversharing with issues that happen with other lovers or swinging paramours in our lives.  Being present and attentive to listening to those struggles, yet also objective and not putting our individual wants or preferences first can be challenging.  Do any of you struggle with these topics?  We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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